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Hera and Aphrodite. Two goddesses on two sides of the Trojan War. Both of them have their own personalities, and their own agendas. The two of them do have certain similarities. Both Hera and Aphrodite seem to believe in the cause they are fighting for. They do, however have very different ways about getting what they want. In The Illiad, both of these goddesses are on the opposing sides (as I stated before). Hera fights on the side of the Acheans, where Aphrodite has taken sides with the Trojans. According to Edith Hamilton, it all starts when King Peleus marries Thetis a sea nymph. All the gods are in attendance, except for Eris, who was for some reason not invited. Eris is angry and decides to create an argument during the…show more content…

Though seeing the way the gods act, I would say that this theory is very unlikely. Hera, on the other hand, is likely just pissed at Paris and Aphrodite and wants to see them both suffer, which is why she sides with and helps out the Achaeans. Now Hera, who is married to Zeus is on the side of the Greeks during the war. She is shown to be the jealous wife in the story. She never submits to Zeus, as a matter of fact, she is not unopposed to tricking him to get what she desires. The whole war might have stopped with the duel between Paris and Menaleus, had it not been for her. But she wanted nothing more than to see the city of Troy burnt to the ground and wouldn’t stop until that task was completed. She blatantly defies Zeus in front of the other gods and entices them to side with her in arguments against her husband. For these reasons are why I like to call her a “vindictive bitch”.
One of the more memorable scenes in the poem is in Book 14 where Hera distracts Zeus while Posiedon helps the Achaeans make their attack. She receives a magic sash from Aphrodite that is filled with the powers of love and longing. She also elicits the aid of Sleep to put Zeus into a deep sleep after she distracts him with a sensuous act of lovemaking. She does this because Zeus wants no one to aid the Achaeans. But, Hera always seems to get what she wants. This scene is Hera’s “deception of Zeus and hence her triumph” (Berkert) She succeeds in making the father of the gods forget what

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The image that has been produced over time about the Goddess of Desire, the renowned Aphrodite, is one of a longhaired beauty, riding atop a scallop shell to bestow her beauteous wonders upon the mortal earth and Olympus. This is an icon of femininity and perfection, the most stunning of the already statuesque gods and goddesses. Doves and sparrows are her counterparts as is the sweet and playful Cupid in later Roman myths. However, this seemingly flawless picture of delicacy and sensual delights is far from perfect. In fact, when looked at a little more closely, the mien of Aphrodite becomes distorted, her beauty playing out to actually be her curse. In the next pages we will delve into the true nature of the Love…show more content…

The girdle is not simply an item of clothing; rather it is one that produces an impression of restriction and manipulation. A girdle is worn to make a woman’s figure appear more curvaceous and virile, it is meant to produce attractiveness. Correspondingly, Aphrodite is known as an opportunist with very skillful techniques. However her tactics are commonly childish which can only be expected when her weapon is an undergarment.
Writes Stephen L. Harris and Gloria Platzner of California State University, “Aphrodite is variously redefined as a flirt who seduces men for the fun of it, as a mistress or lover, or as a whore. Consequently, she remains alluring, but her power is drastically diminished: in a world in which marriage is sanctified, she has no legitimate social place” (Harris & Platzner pg. 98). So it is such that despite an outward presence of incomparability, Aphrodite falls despite herself into the common role of the beautiful temptress. The nature of her myth is much in the same trend as the biblical figures of Jezebel, Delilah and perhaps even Eve. Her femininity is her flaw and her curse.
Perhaps it is unfair to put all of the blame on Aphrodite herself. After all mythical beings are designed to serve as a representation of the mortal race, only on a higher scale. The myth of Aphrodite, in the light of the symbol, is a statement on the calamity of the female race. That is to say that perhaps in the creation of

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