Media Influence On Society Research Paper

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Most commonly, young people are likely to be attracted by these identities, trying to use it as patterns of behavior (Singer and Singer 313). Moreover, the media preferences, as developed by adolescents, are likely to reflect a specific identity; ‘young people tend to use this identity for defining themselves but also other people’ (Singer and Singer 313). From a similar point of view Blanck (24) notes that mass media can strongly affect the style of life of people of all ages, including the young people. Through the mass media, young people can be informed on particular dressing styles, eating behaviors or ways of entertainment, which are described by mass media as a trend. Young people are more likely, compared to adults, to imitate such trends without examining in advance the alignment of these trends with their own style of life, their own social and cultural background and status and, most important, with their beliefs and values. It is in this context, that negative patterns of behavior may be adopted; through the years, these patterns are likely to influence the behavior and the beliefs of young people at such level that their personal views on morality and legality may be radically alternated. The potential negative effects of mass media on young people are explained in the study of Houghton and Roche. In the above study, the role of media in the expansion of drinking among adolescents is strongly criticized (Houghton and Roche 183). At the same time, it is noted that the level at which mass media can influence the behavior and the thinking of young people is depended on the personal beliefs and the social environment of each adolescent (Houghton and Roche 183). It is assumed that in families where communication and...
This paper gives a strong understanding of the relationship between mass media and society it would be necessary to describe the characteristics of mass media – as being different from common media.
Mass media can strongly affect people in societies with different social and political characteristics. However, the level at which mass media influence the behavior of individuals in countries worldwide is likely to be depended on the following facts: the age of people involved, the living standards, the economic/ political framework of the country involved and the culture of each country.
In order to understand the potential role of mass media in the increase of crimes committed by adolescents, the following issue should be explored: which is the level of violence in societies worldwide – at least at an average level. At the same time, the following fact should be taken into consideration: is media violence directly related to the violence actually existing in society.
The paper desscused a study published by the Longman law series, emphasis is given on the following fact: mass media should be appropriately protected, even if they can be partially related to negative behaviors, because of the following fact: mass media, and the media in general, reflect the freedom of expression, meaning the freedom of speech. The power of mass media to influence the society is reflected in another fact: often people claim that they could not live without mass media. ...Show more

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