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Comparing Dante's Inferno and the Movie, What Dreams May Come

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Comparing Dante's Inferno and the Movie, What Dreams May Come

The movie's opening scene gives allusions to Dante's own life and his brief courtship with Beatrice. Chris (Robin Williams) begins, "When I was young, I met this beautiful girl on a lake," just as Dante had met Beatrice when he was young. This lake just happens to be on the boarder of Switzerland and Italy, Dante's native country. Anna, Chris' love, finds him sitting on a hillside overlooking that lake, and that scene will become a major focus for the rest of the movie. They believe that they are soul mates, and unlike Dante and Beatrice, Chris and Anna marry and have two children.

Set in modern times, a series of mortal tragedies unlocks a series of immortal…show more content…

While standing outside the walls of a city in this heaven, she covers his eyes, just as Virgil does to Dante when faced with Medusa outside Dis, the capital of hell.

Dressed in black, instead of his usual "saintly" white attire, Albert delivers the bad news. Anna, so filled with guilt, has committed suicide, so now she can never join Chris in Heaven. This starts the journey where Chris goes through hell to find his beloved (Like Dante- kind of). Even though Albert warns him that this has never been done, Albert lets Chris go because he realizes that they are soul-mates, just as Dante thought he and Beatrice were meant to be together. As they prepare to leave heaven, a man who looks like Freud accompanies them. The three of them venture into hell, and they tell Chris to try not to "abandon all hope" (cf., the inscription over Dante's gate to hell) and try not to lose his mind.

They are now on the river Styx, and they enter an artist's rendition of Canto 8. They are pulled off the boat by the dead bodies (cf., the wrathful) trying to attack them in the water. The boat flips over, and they somehow manage to get to shore.

I don't remember if the scene I'm about to describe occurs before or after the Styx scene. The Rebellious Angels guard Dis in Dante, but here it seems to be guarded by the sinners in Round one of Circle seven: the violent against their neighbors. At this point, Chris realizes that the

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The Comparison of Dante's Inferno and the Purgatorio

There are many differences in the Inferno and the Purgatorio of Dante Alghieri, from the differences in atmosphere and attitude, darkness and light, between sins and their punishments as well as the characters of the Comedy. My purpose is to shed light on what I found to be interesting differences of the two.
I would like to begin with the comparison of the coming of the old men in both the Inferno and the Purgatorio. In the Inferno it starts by saying:
And Lo! Coming toward us in a boat, an old man, white with ancient hair, crying, woe to you wicked souls! Hope not ever to see Heaven! I come to carry you to the other bank, into eternal darkness, to heat and frost.

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The Angel of God: fold thy hands; henceforth shalt thou see such officials. See how he scorns human means, so that he wills not oar, of other sail other than his own wings between distance shores. See, how he holds them straight towards Heaven, stroking the air with his eternal feathers that are not changed like mortal hair.

It gives a clear distinction of the attitude of the two places, on one hand you have people cursing everything in their human life, and on the other you have a divine reverence portrayed by all individuals. The souls in hell have no hope of ever seeing the face of God or to ever be in his glory. The souls in Purgatory have hope, and some day will be joined with the holiest of holies. Here all people are Christians and believe in God, their suffering has meaning and impact on their eventual outcome into Heaven. In Hell, the inhabitants are eager to justify themselves and are anxious to make an individual impression, and all souls are dammed to aimlessly wander in the sin they held on to while living on earth, there is no consolation for the repeating of their punishment. Which brings me to one of the most interesting aspects of this novel, the contrapasso.
It is ire to see what may lie ahead for some sins and sinners. In the example of Paolo and Francesca, their sin was their lust. They wanted to be with each other in a sexual nature, even though it was forbidden. Their punishment is the mirrored image of their sin on earth--the same basic

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