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District-wide Elementary/Middle School/High School Dress Code
Current students will receive a copy of the Lorain City School (LCS) Dress Code Policy through their school building. Additional copies of the dress code will be available at the school. Upon registration a copy of the LCS District Dress Code Policy will be shared with parents.

  • Black, khaki, gray, or navy pants are required. Denim pants, jeans, painter pants, or athletic pants are prohibited. Pants must fit at the waist.
  • Belts are optional since pants must be fitted properly. Large, oversized belt buckles, sparkly buckles, rivets, studs, inappropriate language, or    medallion type buckles with logos/pictures are prohibited.
  • Baggy, saggy pants are not permitted. Pants must be fitted and secured around the waist area.
  • Jegging pants are allowable at the Elementary grade level. They must conform to dress code colors (Black, khaki, white, gray, navy blue) and policy.
  • Middle and high school students are not permitted to wear Jegging or Yoga/Exercise Pants.


  • Black, khaki, gray, or navy blue skirts or jumpers (knee length or longer) are required. Skirts shall be no more than 3 inches above the knee. Slits are not permitted above the knee.
  • Students are permitted to wear (Black, khaki, gray, or navy blue) length appropriate shorts. Cargo shorts are permitted.


  • All shirts must be a solid-color of white, navy blue, gray, or black and must be either a collared polo shirt with buttons, dress shirt or turtleneck. Tucking shirts inside of pants is optional. Shirt shall be no more than one size above the student’s regular or normal size. Shirt must appropriately fit student and not be altered to form fit.
  • All buttoned shirts are to be appropriately buttoned.
  • Shirts can be long sleeve or short sleeve. Sleeveless is not permitted.
  • Sweat outfits or t-shirts are not permitted.
  • Any articles of clothing with negative or inappropriate wording, logos or graphics are prohibited.
  • Crew-neck sweatshirts, fleeces, or sweaters will be of the appropriate color: white, navy blue, gray, or black. They may be worn over the shirt and may not contain any writing, stripes, or designs.
  • Hoodies are prohibited at any time during the school day with the exception of travel to and from school and must be stored in student’s locker.


  • Sandals, flip-flops, slippers, open backed or open-toed, shoes are prohibited.
  • Shoes with laces must be tied at all times.
  • Shoes cannot have graffiti on them.
  • Shoes with rollerblades (Heely shoes) or any retracting device is prohibited.

Gym Wear

  • Students will wear proper gym attire – athletic short, shirts, gym pants, socks, and appropriate gym shoes.

Additional Dress Code Information

  • Jackets, coats, hoodies and other outerwear must be placed in student lockers or cubicles prior to first period and remain there.
  • Nylons, leggings, tights, and knee hi’s must conform to dress code colors (black, khaki, white, gray, navy blue). These items must be worn under appropriate clothing (skirt/ jumper).
  • Head gear of any kind such as hats, caps, bandannas, visors, sunglasses, nylon headwear, ties as well as scarves and gloves are not permitted for wear during the school day. All head gear must be removed upon entering the building. All head gear must be placed in student lockers prior to the first period and remain there.
  • Hair clips, scrunches and plain headbands are allowable. All other head gear is prohibited.
  • Wrist sweatbands or head sweat bands are not permitted for wear during the school day.
  • Torn, ripped, or cut-off clothing is prohibited.
  • Any attire, jewelry or accessories promoting or advertising drugs, alcohol, vulgar language, sex, violence, gang paraphernalia or are otherwise offensive or disruptive in nature are prohibited.
  • Studded, spiked jewelry or chains which can become a threat to the safety of the student are prohibited.
  • Bare midriffs or bare backs are prohibited.
  • All book bags, large purses, tote bags and backpack-style purses are to be placed in student lockers or cubicles prior to the start of the first period and remain there.
  • Adequately sized purses are allowable.
  • Any towels, rags or blankets are to be stored in student’s locker or cubicle and remain there.
  • An assigned LCS lap top carrying case is permitted.
  • Suits, vests, sport jackets and ties are permissible but must conform to dress code colors (black, white, navy blue).
  • At no point during the school day students are allowed to have inappropriately exposed areas of the body visual, this includes undergarments.

Dress Code Policy Exceptions

  • Students participating in a nationally recognized, school approved organization may wear the organizational uniform on days that the organization has a scheduled function.
  • School spirit wear may be worn on specific days as approved by the building principal.
  • Administration will make the final determination on appropriate dress attire when needed.
  • Principals will have discretion to suspend the dress code regulations for school-wide events.
  • Sponsors of extracurricular activities may impose further restrictions, if necessary. Principals, in conjunction with other administrators and teachers, are responsible for administering the LCS Dress Code. Students may apply for an exemption from this policy if it interferes with a sincerely held religious belief.


Student Assistance Under special circumstances, students qualifying for federally approved free or reduced lunches (as noted on approved free and reduced lunch documentation) may be provided with assistance in obtaining the required dress code wear. This request must be put in writing to the school principal or designee. The school building will share information of locations to purchase affordable school dress code wear.

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