The Great Sperm Race Essay

For the television docu-drama, The Great Sperm Race, aired on BBC4, March 23rd, 2009, Richard Armitage narrates a dramatised documentary tracing the journey of sperm in the reproductive system.











...The sperm and the egg Nicole Fields PSY 265 January 20, 2013 Mrs. Tana Leigh Warren Individual: The sperm and the egg Behind every function or process there is a story. The story behind the sperm and the egg can seem very complex to some while others understand its entire root of transition from one to the other. To understand the story behind the sperm and the egg, you first need to understand the male and female anatomy. Once you understand that much, it will be a little easier to understand how the sperm and the egg came to be. I like most people understand how this all works or do we? Yes, we understand how conception leads to the birth of a child, but have we studied how to understand the rest, the stuff that comes before conception. Like other females, I don’t know everything about how body prepares itself for this as we age, but after this I’m sure I will. For a woman, there is internal and external sexual organs, knowing the difference and the functions behind them will help you to understand more than you thought you knew. Although talking about this does give me some discomfort, it’s nice to know. The female’s internal sex organs consist of the vagina, cervix, uterus, and the two ovaries which are all connected to a woman’s uterus by her fallopian tubes. The vagina is the first sex organ, because this is where it all begins for a woman. The vaginal vault as I call it is the starting...

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