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Tattoos, Body Piercings, and Other Body Modifications Essay

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“The colors and pictures we apply to our skin communicate our values and aspirations as well as our hopes and personal histories. Even when we adopt the “natural look” and don't adorn our skin at all, we are making a social statement. Our skin talks even when we don't; it is not a neutral canvas.” (Jablonski, 164) We as a species are obsessed with our appearance and are equally preoccupied with altering it to our own varied desires. Each person wants nothing less than perfection, but each has an unique idea of what that means. Every person on the planet engages in some form of body modification to achieve the look that they can identify with and feel is their own. From cosmetics to cosmetic surgery, a pierced ear to a facial…show more content…

There is some archaeological evidence of tools associated with natural pigments that points toward tattooing occurring at least since 30,000 BCE. The oldest preserved skins with tattoos (aged 3000 – 6000 years) come from mummies from Egypt and people from the north that were trapped in glaciers. Autopsy of the “iceman” inferred that some of the tattooing was applied in a manner to effect medical, mystical, or magical healing because of their placement on top of arthritic joints. The presence of tattooing exists in nearly all cultures and ethnic groups across early history but mostly disappears in the classical era in Europe and the near east with the notable exception of the Thracian people. The renaissance of tattoo in modern and post-modern society owes its resurrection to Captain James Cook and the crew aboard the HM Bark Endeavour who brought back accounts of tattooed people, examples of tattoos upon their skin, and the Samoan word, tatau to Great Britain after their voyage to Tahiti and New Zealand. Other forms of body modifications that have come down from prehistory include neck lengthening like that in Thailand, foot binding in China, and suspension of the body from hooks and rope found in some Native American spiritual traditions. To understand the post-post-postmodern, modernism must first be defined. Merriam-Webster states “1.) a practice, usage, or expression peculiar to modern times; 2.)

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Tattoo and body piercing has become very popular with adolescent s and adults in their early twenties. While the general public and parents may perceive this procedure as rebellious and deviant behaviors, some reasons adolescents offer for body piercing is that it is a form of body art, it is a fashionable, it makes a personal statement. Adolescents and young adults are developmentally susceptible to rebellious behavior, it is seen by many. For others, it fulfills, a need to justify social anxiety by avoidance Tattoo and piercing probably the most form of body art in America today.

The design can be small and discreet or large and obvious. This art used to express individually to indicate membership in a group or to attract attentions. But such body modification carries with it the risk of health problem of ranging from minor bacterial infections to life treating illness. For example, allergies reactions, this may occur even years after they get the tattoo. Some piercing jewelers are made of nickel or brass, which also can cause allergies reaction, Blood- born disease, oral complication, Skin disorder, skin infection.

People who get body modifications have a high threshold for pain. Where the tattoo is located will generally tell a person how much discomfort will be involved. Some of the body part causes the most discomfort for men and women are: head, neck back and front of the knee, hands and the wrists just to name a few. Usually the parts of the body that has more fat or muscle build up will causes the least amount of pain. Adolescents and adults who participating in this newest of fashion trends is a means to establish personal identity through disassociation form accepted norms, Moreover, participants with tattoo and body piercing are more likely to have engaged in risk behaviors and at a great degree of involvement than those without either.

These included disordered eating behavior, gateway drug used, and hard drug use. Gateway drug use is associated with younger age both tattooing and body piercing. Research strongly suggests that violences are associated with males having tattoo and with females having body piercing. For some people, adolescents and adults, they make tattoo and body piercing as personal statement permanently drawn on their body. People who want to have tattoo can broadly be categorized in two groups first being the group of those people who desire to have tattoo because it holds some personal meaning to them, and those who want to have, tattoo and body piercing, one because every one else it. However, there are a lots of evidences that adolescent who want to have tattoo or body piercing are more likely to engage in high risk behaviors, such as sexual activity and violence and murdering, People who desire to have tattoo and body piercing are more likely involved in rebellious behaviors as a group membership, gangster. , Other groups are also likely to have engaged deviant behaviors, violence and sexual activity.

As result, public and people an opinion about tattoo and body piercing has associated with inconsistent behaviors. These demonstrate high incidence of disassociation behaviors among those with tattoo and body piercing. In conclusion, tattoos and body piercing and so forth as sees as a statement permanent expression of thoughts. Feeling of memories etched over skin, overall tattoo and body pierce exists in our society. They are also becoming more prevalent and almost certainly will not be going away any time in the near future.

However, people who have not body arts are fortune to live in society where people are allowed to and voice opinions, but not control others. So society may simply have to learn to disagree on the topic of body modification.

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