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Were you satisfied with the overall experience? Would you want to experience it again?

Do you believe this store/service was better as compared to other similar businesses that you have experienced earlier? Do you think you got value for your money?

Do you believe the whole experience was special? Did you have to compromise in any way? If yes, was it worth it?

Would you recommend this service to others?

Try to present facts and keep it objective. Was your pizza hot? Were the wraps fresh?

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How does the rating system work?

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Mr. Pravin Kumar Bansal aged about 63 years joined Alankit Limited on 01st November 2017. Prior to taking charge as Executive Director, Mr Pravin Kumar Bansal was posted as President with the DHFL, Mumbai, overseeing overall expansion of the Company under Builder Finance Sector. In an entire illustrious career span of over three and half decades, Mr. Bansal has held various positions in the banking sector including holding position as a General Manager deputed at the Corporate Office of Union Bank of India as well as several key positions in other public and private sector.

He has vast experience in Banking Sector, Insurance and Mutual Funds Sector. He also has a vast experience in distribution of Insurance & Mutual Fund business under banca model and has the ability of building tie-ups under the new open architecture under Insurance and Mutual Funds. Mr. Pravin Kumar Bansal has also been a part of Development Council of CDSL as well as Advisor to IBA and NPCI on Payment & Settlement Systems.

Mr. Pravin Kumar Bansal completed his undergraduate degree in Commerce from Meerut University and Post graduate degree in Economics from Hemvati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University.

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