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What is Leeds referencing?

Leeds referencing, or Leeds Harvard referencing, is a variation of the Harvard style specific to Leeds University. With countless variations of the Harvard referencing system out there, it’s crucial that you stick to the style recommended by your academic institution. If you’re a Leeds University student then make sure you follow the Leeds version when referencing sources in your work since it will be marked using this guidance.

The specifics of the Leeds referencing system can be found in the Leeds University referencing guides, which are available to download from The University Library website.

How to Leeds reference

The Leeds University Harvard referencing system requires both in-text citations and a bibliography.

Information for the in-text citation is kept to a minimum with the author’s surname and date of publication all that’s required. Full publication details must be included in the bibliography at the end, which you alphabetise by the author.

For Harvard referencing in the Leeds style, author names and the first word of titles should be capitalised. If there are more than two authors you should write “et al”. You need to italicise the whole title for all sources consulted.

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Leeds referencing example

In-text example:

(Cottrell, 2013)

Bibliography example:

Cottrell, S. 2013. The study skills handbook. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

What is MHRA referencing?

MHRA referencing is a style of referencing developed by the Modern Humanities Research Association. It is intended primarily for use in connection with books and journals published by the Association but is also used in a wider context by students.

The third edition of the MHRA Style Guide is available to purchase in bookshops and online. If it’s the style you’ve been told to follow, make sure you do just that, as it’s what you’ll be marked on.

How to MHRA reference

Footnotes are of key importance to the MHRA referencing style. You should insert footnote numbers in your text every time you quote or paraphrase another person’s words or ideas. When referring to a source for the first time, you need to provide the full details in the footnote. After that, references can be provided in an abbreviated form.

You’ll also need to provide a full bibliography at the end of the essay, which needs to be carefully formatted according to the type of material you’ve cited – be it a book, journal, website, film or anything else. The bibliography only needs to include material that you’ve directly cited in your work.

MHRA referencing example

Footnote example:

Stella Cottrell, The Study Skills Handbook (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2013).

Bibliography example:

Cottrell, Stella, The Study Skills Handbook (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2013)

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