Education Essay Positive Thinking

Summary: The student who takes a positive attitude toward school will take a completely different, more positive path to academic success from the student who takes a negative attitude.

Two attitudes about school

There are generally two attitudes about school expressed by the large number of students studying at school. One is negative, and the other one is positive. Based on the two opposite attitudes, there are different causes, appearances, and results.

First of all, they differ in causes, Some students think that studying at school is a waster of time, for most of the knowledge they have learnt and they will learn will be useless when they start to work, so instead of wasting a lot of their precious time at school learning something useless and unhelpful, they'd like to do something they really interested., those students with a positive attitude thinks that studying at school is making a full use of time that they can learn a lot of attractive scientific knowledge and practical methods to solve problems of daily life. Second, they have different appearances. The first kind of students pays little attention during classes and assignments, while the second kind of students study very rather hard at their subjects. At last, they will get opposite results, the students having a negative view will get little marks at their final exam, in contrast, and those students having a positive view toward school will get high marks or nearly full marks.

In my opinion, I think us, as students should have a positive attitude towards school.

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