2.04 Coming To America Assignment Of Mortgage

Unformatted text preview: When you arrive, you will be Fnger prinTed and , questoned abouT your background, and also questoned abouT your politcal views. as well if you can speak ±uenT spanish and if you have a purpose Their. What types of jobs are available for people from that home country? You would probably move To ±orida, where you would Fnd communites like Miami Or ²ampa You would Then begin working aT really any job ThsT FTs your back ground. Where are immigrants from the home country likely to se±le? Why? You would mosT likely se³le in a neighborhood where fellow immigranTs from your counTry se³led. ²his would allow for you To uphold Traditons keep laguage boundaries What will life be like once the immigrants are se±led in the United States? I Think iT would be kinda di´culT aT FrsT, especially having To geT used To living in your new lifestyle. A new home, new job, the new envioriment,and new people.It will all take a toll on you. As Tme progresses, you will begin to adjust...
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«Квадрат» Цезаря, - просияла Сьюзан.  - Читается сверху. Танкадо прислал нам письмо.

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