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As I slowly wake up to the natural alarm clock of cotton trees softly rustling and the waves urging me to come for a morning swim, I realize life can't get much better than this. I roll out of bed in no hurry, though. The smoky, sulfer smell on my clothes reminds me of the late night of storytelling and laughter. I can't decide if I am really hungry enough to eat breakfast or if I want to test the water out by taking the first ride of the day on a jet ski. As I step out of the camper, my eyes have to adjust to the gleam of the water. It looks like it is going to be a good day. Lake McConaughy is full of days like this one. Not only is it an amazing vacation spot, but it is home away from home.

Ever since I can remember, my family and friends have congregated to Lake McConaughy in the summers. It is located about ten miles from a little town named Ogallala, Nebraska. The town is also where my mom was raised and most of my family still lives. I guess you could say we have roots there. Now when people think of Nebraska, most think of flat, dry land. Maybe you could throw in a cow and some corn, too. Okay, there are some part like that, but most of it is beautiful. Just the drive to the lake has you looking out the side windows of your car. Even to this day, I get on the edge of my seat in the car as the rolling sandhills pass by, waiting in anticipation to see the first glimpse of the lake. Then boom, there it is. This massive body of water has fun in the sun written all over. Then, there is the choice of where to camp. It all depends on if we want to be surrounded be our friends all the time or if it is a family vacation. It doesn't really matter because we'll spend countless hours cruising the water to every edge.

Even more exciting is the first step out of the car. Your shoes are off even before you get out. As you step into the sand, you are in heaven. I swear this sand was imported from Hawaii because it is amazingly pure with almost a white color to it. This is only a taste of the playground. No one even cares about unpacking anything. Rather, clothes are shed as we all run to test how warm the water is. My first dive into the warm yet exhillerating water just washes away all my cares in the world. My biggest concern for the rest of the day is whether I want to go skiing, sunbathe, read a book, or set up camp. Maybe I'll do all of them. Maybe I'll do none of them.

The sunset dictates when the transition from play time to the evening. Before anything happens, though, you are taken abreath by the colors in the sky. I have taken hundreds of picture to try and capture the sunsets here, but it never does the lake and sky justice. It is as if every hue of red and orange and pink and blue and white come together to form odd yet majestic shapes in the sky. Once you appreciate the sky for some of its beauty, it is on to supper. Actually, some people eat, some drink, and some are still dwindling in, not yet ready for the sun to be down, but on thing we all start to do it talk. The great thing about it is we discuss how many trucks got stuck or how many times someone fell off the pull toy, not when our taxes are due or what homework needs to be done. As stomachs get full and everyone finds their way to one spot on the shore, someone starts the fire. It is like the core of the whole day. Everyone gets their spot.

As “mores start to assemble, so do the old stories of the lake, new jokes, and even the old ones. You can never plan on what is going to be said at the campfire. It is actually the best and cheapest therapy one could ask for.

Now I have been to quite a few lakes before. None have been quite like this one. None have offered such generosity and familiarity as Lake McConaghy. While you are there, the important things in life seem to surface with the waves. The sense of community, enjoyment of yourself and others, and just pure fun make you yearn for the trip all year long.

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Sample Descriptive Essay

This is a sample descriptive essay. It's a description of a car.

I turn the key and hear the old engine turn over a few times, struggling to get going. Eventually it starts. The engine sounds rough when cold, but with a few quick revs, it starts to sound a little better. The “check” light flashes at me until I press the brake pedal to let the car test the brake lights, or press the “check” button on the roof near the sunroof adjustment switch, between the two visors. When I press the “check” button, seven small, red, LED lights brighten to show me that they are functioning properly. They are there to warn me of low oil, or low coolant, or to let me know if any brake lights, taillights, or headlights are not working.

Next to the “check” box on the ceiling, there is a button that can open, close, or tilt the sunroof up. The sunroof moves slowly and squeaks loudly. The headliner is made of aged tan leather, but it still looks good. The rest of the interior is made of aged tan leather as well, and it shows its age with pride.

From the front seats, the pealing and fading grayish-silver paint on the hood is visible. The dark brown dashboard has several cracks, is dusty, and feels smooth to the touch. The tan glove box is ripped on one side and the handle is missing because someone once tried to break into it. The modern stereo was installed improperly and sometimes different speakers fade in and out, and the stereo needs a nudge to get the sound to play in those speakers again. The dashboard lights are very dim at night, and can hardly be seen.

Below the stereo is the ashtray with a cigar lighter in it, and then behind that is the center console, which contains the dark-brown gear shifter, and around that are four window switches that correspond to the four power windows in the car. The rear power windows go up so slowly that it seems they will never make it. The back windows are tinted very dark, and sometimes it is hard to see out of them clearly at night.

The car sounds old, and it seems the engine makes a lugging noise while accelerating. The brakes squeal while braking, and sometimes the dark-brown leather steering wheel vibrates. After long trips, the car smells like burnt oil, but when fresh, the car smells like aged leather. If the heat is turned on, the car can become quite warm when fully warmed up, but the air conditioning does not work, so it's never colder in the car than it is outside. The car tastes like ... well I actually don’t know because I don’t lick my car.

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