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Kristine Kathryn Rusch is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author and award-winning mystery, romance, science fiction and fantasy writer. She has written many novels under various names, including Kristine Grayson for romance and Kris Nelscott for mystery. Her novels have made the bestseller lists—even in London—and have been published in fourteen countries and thirteen different languages. She is married to, and has often collaborated with, fellow WotF judge Dean Wesley Smith.

She and Kevin J. Anderson first met in a college creative writing class as young aspiring writers and have kept in touch ever since (when they found they learned more from each other than from the minimally published professor). They both entered the Contest many times, but neither placed in a quarter before becoming professional writers. Now, Rusch’s awards range from the Ellery Queen Readers Choice Award, to the Hugo Award and the John W. Campbell Award. She was nominated for the Hugo, the Shamus and the Anthony Award all in the same year (2009). She is the only person in the history of science fiction to have won a Hugo Award for editing and a Hugo Award for fiction. Her short work has been reprinted in thirteen Year’s Best collections (one story, “G-Men,” appeared in both the best mystery and best SF collection, the first story ever to do so).

Under her own name, Rusch’s novels include the Fey series, the Retrieval Artist series, Hitler’s Angel, The White Mists of Power, Alien Influences, Diving into the Wreck and many more. She is the former editor of the prestigious Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. Before that, she and Dean Wesley Smith started and ran Pulphouse Publishing, a science fiction and mystery press in Eugene. She lives and works on the Oregon Coast and she became a WotF judge in 2010.

“For more than twenty-five years, Writers of the Future has picked the brightest stars out of the annual pool of new writers. And not just stars from the science fiction universe, but stars who have gone on to make their mark in the literary mainstream (Karen Joy Fowler), in romance (Jo Beverley) and young adult (Nancy Farmer), just to name three. I’ve always floated around the edges of the Contest. I’m happy to finally have an official role.” — Kristine Kathryn Rusch

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New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Kristine Kathryn Rusch writes in almost every genre. Generally, she uses her real name (Rusch) for most of her writing. Under that name, she publishes bestselling science fiction and fantasy (including the Fey series, the Retrieval Artist series and the Diving series), award-winning mysteries, acclaimed mainstream fiction, controversial nonfiction, and the occasional romance.

Her novels have made bestseller lists around the world and her short fiction has appeared in more than twenty best of the year collections. She has won more than twenty-five awards for her fiction, including the Hugo, Le Prix Imaginales, the Asimov’s Readers Choice award, and the Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine Readers Choice Award.

Publications from The Chicago Tribune to Booklist have included her Kris Nelscott mystery novels in their top-ten-best mystery novels of the year. The Nelscott books have received nominations for almost every award in the mystery field, including the best novel Edgar Award, and the Shamus Award. She writes goofy romance and light mystery novels as award-winner Kristine Grayson. She has retired a host of other pen names which she took only for her traditional publishers, and republished the books under her Rusch name.

She also edits. Beginning with work at the innovative publishing company, Pulphouse, followed by her award-winning tenure at The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, she took fifteen years off before returning to editing with the original anthology series Fiction River, published by WMG Publishing. She acts as series editor with her husband, writer Dean Wesley Smith, and edits at least two anthologies in the series per year on her own. She edited the highly acclaimed Women of Futures Past for Baen Books, and co-edited The Best Mystery and Crime Stories for Kobo Publishing.

She lives and occasionally sleeps in Oregon.

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