Stitch In Time Saves Nine Essay

'A stitch in time Saves Nine' is a well-known proverb and is most widely used. It means that a cloth which is torn must be stitched at once. The delay may increase the size of the torn portion and consequently many more stitches may be required. But this is not the only meaning that the above proverb explains.

It has hidden many more meanings in itself. We can also say that evil should be nipped in the bud to avoid future troubles. If it is not put down in the very beginning, it may become out of control and may prove disasterous. Hence, the proverb has much truth and wisdom and we should not ignore them otherwise our life may be hell.

In our day to day life the truth of the proverb will be cleared. Just take the example of a small child. The child is innocent. He does not know what is good and what is bad. Hence he may acquire bad habits along with good ones in the process of growth. Now it becomes the duty of the parents to check the evils then and there.

If the parents overtook them thinking that their child is very small they would grow and would give rise to many other, evil habits. If a growing child steals something in the school and brings it at home, he should be at once taken to otherwise the habit of stealing will take its root with the growth of the child. And then it will be difficult for the parents to uproot that evil. Similarly if a child tells a lie, his parents, without waiting for another lie, must put down this bad habit on the very moment.

This is the right way and by going through right way we will never be in the grip of any trouble. Hence we must keep it in mind that time is the most important factor and if we fail to do any work at the right time, it may be very troublesome for us.

We can prove the truth of the proverb through the well- known story of the boy who acquires the bad habit of stealing due to his mother's carelessness. His mother, overpowered by greed, never discouraged him for this evil act and became happy to get valuable things one after another.

As a result petty thefts soon led on to much greater thefts and ultimately he was sentenced to be hanged till he was dead on the charge of dacoity and murder. But before going to be hanged, he wished to say a few words to his mother. When his mother came he pretended as if he wanted to whisper something in her ears. But when she came nearer, he cut off her ears and told her that it was she who made him embrace such a disgreacetful death. If she had taught him a lesson of good habits, he would have never become a dacoit and murderer.

Nowadays we see many evils have got their roots in the society. As a result there are cases of murder, kidnapping, chain-snatching, smuggling, etc. These activities are in existence because they were not nipped in the very beginning.


A Stitch in Time Saves Nine


A stitch in time saves nine is that proverb means the action of everyone should be on time because time never will wait for us and. If we will do our work at the fixed time, then time also saves our troubles, loss, and waste. We have to do work on the time because keeping on wait time cause the laziness and leave his work for tomorrow.

“Those who make the worst of their time most complain about its shortness.”

A large problem we can solve to do it the better way and sooner rather than later. Make easier to solve a problem as quickly as possible for preventing, and if we deal with doing it later, things will get worse, and the problems will be worst and hard.

Expansion of a Proverb

If a piece of cloth has any small hole, we should not waste our time because it can be large hole more and more and most stitches require to that material and will look very worst. So we should repair that cloth with single stitch and fast at the time.

Similarly, this example we should do our work immediately for efficiently preventing the problem on the action of time to remove all difficulties. If we neglect that cloth, it will turn the material into useless scrap.

On this Earth, everyone wants to become a great person but time sharper person can become significant. Once upon the time span brief of his life, He was not wasting his time after all he has not any minute to lose. He must, therefore, take time by the forelock. Once it has passed, it can never recall. This best brief from that person, everyone should be on time and do his work immediately what he want to do.

Success person never goes fall because they do him all work on the time. Similarly, that person all should receive attention for the immediate work because idleness and indifference between people can make weak to do the job immediately and it is not a good habit. If everyone performs his best on the life stage, then they get success in all mode of life. Therefore every person should do all necessary and compulsory work on the time, and this activity will grow the every step of life into success.

Importance of Proverb

  1. Controls of situation

If any problem is happening with anyone, then most of the solution comes to solve it and control it. And we have to understand that thing, and without wasting time, we can control our situation. It makes people dare and sharp for monitoring situation from the beginning and stop things.

  1. Easy to manage live

When any problems have people, then they should prevent their problem as soon as an increase that. If we solve it immediately, then it never gets any big issue and all of the projects, and it will easy to manage the lives.

  1. Motivates us to manage

If any needed in life to solve the problems, then we have to make the quick decision for preventing it. It gives motivation to our life for manage all thing.

  1. Future-oriented

‘A stitch in time saves nine’ has described the present time of achieving anything will be future oriented. Any action which we are doing for becoming an ideal for whole life then in future we remembered by our presence work.

  1. Achieve great sense

If we take a positive action for solving any problem, then it will remind us that we have done the work very quickly and efficiently. Then we will feel great activeness of life and achieve the great sense of life.

Everyday life of a stitch in time saves nine

  • People, who get their car repaired at the first sign of discomfort, are more likely to enjoy the ride for years.
  • People take control over excess expenditure is less liable to get into a debt trap.
  • Who stop eating fatty foods at the early stage of obesity-related problems, are more likely to restore their health.
  • People who save money for the future are more likely to avoid financial troubles.
  • A student who starts studying hard after poor results in class tests will surely get good marks in the final examination.

Story on a stitch in time saves nine

Once there was a tailor bird called Chirpy who lived on a big mango tree. Chirpy was a busy little bird who took good care of his family. He was always flitting in and out of his cozy little nest looking for insects to feed his little ones or collecting grass to strengthen his nest from the approaching winter. In the same tree lived Chintu – the crow – who was indolent and spent all his time sleeping or gossiping with the other birds in the neighborhood.

Many times Chirpy told Chintu, “Please repair your nest. The monsoon is soon approaching, and the heavy winds could blow it away.”

“You worry too much Chirpy. You must learn to enjoy life. I can get it done in a jiffy. After all, it is a small hole,” Chintu would say.

As the days went by, the hole in Chintu’s nest grew bigger and bigger, and it was in danger of falling apart. One day there was heavy thunder and lightning, and it started raining. It was then that Chintu realized that his family was in grave danger.

He flew from tree to tree looking for twigs and small sticks to repair his nest, While Chirpy sat snugly in his nest. Chintu operated the shelter to shelter to save his home and almost collapsed in exhaustion. Finally, Chirpy also gave a helping hand and helped Chintu rebuild his nest. Chintu realized his foolishness and promised never again to postpone any work that required immediate attention. After that, the crow Chintu did all those things when the time requires immediate attention and action. Both the Chirpy and the Chintu lived happily as friends.


This proverb says that everyone should have brilliant to bear in mind because of timely action for great reminder us.

A stitch in time saves nine has explained better by this video

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